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DELBA Electrical was founded in 1963 by the two founding partners, Isidoro Del Piccolo and Armando Balocco and was managed by the original partners for a period of 15 years up to 1978, at which time Mr. Del Piccolo retired. The Company was then run by the sole proprietor Armando Balocco for the next 12 years up to 1990, at which time the son of Armando, David Balocco was introduced as a partner in the Company. The Company has been managed by the father and son partnership for the past 22 years and have proudly celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013.

DELBA Electrical has earned a respected reputation in the Industry, achieved through the high standard of customer service excellence and superior quality in the Repair of Rotating Electrical Equipment and is complemented by various other Manufacturing and related Services that provide synergy and diversification. The Company's various DIVISIONS are run by experienced and dedicated personnel that ensure and strive for total customer satisfaction in the quality of the products and services provided. These DIVISIONS are further sub-divided into dedicated DEPARTMENTS that ensure efficient process control for the various Repair, Manufacturing and Support Services provided.

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Our History

DELBA ELECTRICAL was founded in 1963 by Mr. I Del Piccolo and Mr. A Balocco.In 1978 Mr. I Del Piccolo retired and Mr. A Balocco became the sole director.Subsequent years saw the steady expansion of the company as it became better known and trusted by the industry.

This resulted in the purchase of new premises in 1981 in Nuffield, Springs to which the company relocated – DELBA's current home. At this point the company employed 60 employees.

Further expansion in 1988 saw the setting up of a new Fan and Pump Workshop that included a pump performance testing station.In 1990 Mr. D Balocco, son of Mr. A Balocco, became a Director of the Company and achieved the company's ISO 9000 listing in 1992.

The company has been managed by the father and son Partnership for the past 22 years and will proudly be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2013.

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Our History Continued...

In 2002, 2004 and 2005 further expansion projects were realized when DELBA acquired the adjacent premises to their existing plant and set up a well equipped machine shop, 900 HP Eddy Current Dynamometer and installation of new cranes in the Mechanical Workshop.In 2006 DELBA became the first SKF Certified Rebuilder of Electric Motors in South Africa. At this point the company employed 160 personnel.

Realizing the need for an assured supply of covered copper conductor for the company's repair business a further expansion project was initiated in 2007 that included the installation and commissioning a sectional wire extrusion plant and covering plants for mica, glass and paper covered conductor. Also at this time the upgrading of the overhead crane facilities in the Electrical Workshop was started and later completed in 2008.

The company now employed 180 personnel.This was followed in 2010 by the installation of the first environmentally friendly pyrolytic burn-off oven in South Africa.Also, another major expansion project was undertaken in 2011 when DELBA purchased a further adjacent property that will effectively double the company's workshop area and will encompass the company's future HV repair plant. Civil work for this new project began in 2012.The covered conductor manufacturing plant received a further upgrade in 2012 with the installation of a KAPTON® covering machine and aluminium extruder. The product testing capabilities for this department were also upgraded.